sankt ruben


St. Ruben came to the world in 1980 in the town of Finsterwalde in the German state of Brandenburg. At the age of 13 she was already enjoying success as a songwriter and singer in Meißen, where she lived with her family. An early interest in painting also developed, encouraged by her mother’s profession as a painter of fine porcelain. After graduating from high school with completed A-levels, St. Ruben moved to the pulsating art metropolis of 1990s Berlin.

There, she dedicated herself intensively to music and painting. She practiced her craft with several recognized visual artists who both challenged and inspired her. Thanks to these contacts, she presented her first major exhibition at Pfefferberg in Berlin. At the same time, she began as an assistant in the studio of Juan Miguel Pozo Cruz (Cuba), where he also taught St. Ruben from 2003 to 2005. Her work with this painter, who was living in exile in Germany, intensified her interest in social and political themes. In the rhythm of daily painting and regular engagement with her surroundings, many works were created that went on to be exhibited in Berlin and other German cities.

In 2004 St. Ruben founded the non-profit organization sollbruch e.V. with other Berlin artists, which then began to
serve as a foundation for daily creativity. Following the birth of her son and the renovation of an apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, she developed a strong interest in historical techniques of painting. She studied restoration, specializing in murals and colorful architectural adornments. She received her diploma for this work in 2012. On a quest for a special place of concentration, St. Ruben moved to an abandoned farmhouse in the countryside between Berlin and Leipzig, where she now dedicates her time to painting and being an active participant in the contemporary art scene in both Berlin and Leipzig.

SOLO shows (selection)

2021 Kleine Galerie Hans Nadler, Elsterwerda
2019 Schloss Doberlug
2019 Kaufmannsmuseum Finsterwalde
2015 Kloster Heilig Kreuz, Meißen
2014 Schloss Neudeck
2014 „ARTig“, Sparkassenstiftung, Finsterwalde
2012 „Berliner Flimmern“,, Berlin
2009 „Realistischer Kapitalismus 2.0”, Karlshorst, Berlin
2007 „Berliner Flimmern“, Choriner Str., Berlin
2004 „Nahrungskette”, Hafenstraßen e.V., Meißen

GROUP shows (selection)

2021 13. Berufskunstausstellung des Landkreises Elbe-Elster , Gut Saathain, Märk. Kreis, Polen
2015 Atelierhof Werenzhain2014 Schloss Sallgast
2014 „Ecken-Kanten-Typen“, Sparkassenstiftung, Finsterwalde
2013 „Mystique“, Internat. Festival, Magdeburg
2009 „Rubens und kein Ende”, Städtische Galerie, Speyer
2008 „This world is not my home”, Tacheles, Berlin
2008 „Consume society-Consumed society“, KITA, Berlin
2007 „Realistischer Kapitalismus 2.0”, Choriner Str., Berlin
2005 „Berliner Ansichten“, Pfefferberg, Berlin


2020 „Bergsalz“, Droemer Knaur
2020 „Schloss Finsterwalde“, Rainer Ernst
2018 „Sternstunde“, Droemer Knaur
2013 „Sungs Laden“, Titelsong (C.H. Beck)
2007 „entwerter/oder“ nr. 93 , Berlin, Oktober 2007
2006 „Zwischen Heringsdorf und Zürich, Sonderedition Dschamp, Berlin
2005 „Zwischen Heringsdorf und Zürich“, Sonderedition Dschamp, Berlin


2019 Museumsverbund Elbe Elster
2014 Sparkassenstiftung


2014 1. Brandenburgische Landesausstellung, „Kunstpause“, Schloss Doberlug
Seit 2013 Fassadenmalereien in Elbe Elster, Oberspreewald-Lausitz, Leipzig, Sachsen


CONCERTS (selection)

2019 „Maschine, Kraut und Ruben“, VLUN, Wahrenbrück
2010 „sankt ruben“, Antje Oklesund, Berlin
2009 „la manie“, Moritzbastei, Leipzig
2009 Nikolai Tomás feat. „sankt ruben“, Anker, Leipzig
2003 „sankt ruben“, Kunstpavillon, Heringsdorf
2008 „Rummelsnuff“, MELT
2005 „mandragora“, Columbia Fritz, Berlin
2004 Nikki Sudden feat. „sankt ruben“, Kloster Lehnin
1998 „Automatic Noir“, Filmnächte am Elbufer, Dresden
1996 „MAY“ , Volksbühne, Berlin1996 „la manie“, Scheune, Dresden
1995 „la manie“, Columbia Fritz, Berlin

VIDEOS (selection)